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Auto Management System

Making the Business Process Simple and Efficient
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AMS is the ultimate application for the automotive dealers to manage entire dealership in a single solution. AMS is efficient, reliable and easy to use which empowers auto dealers to streamline the business process ranging from greeting the customers to the complete sales.

With AMS, you have:

  • Workflow Automation

    With AMS, the entire business process is being automated from greeting the customer to complete sales.

  • Quick Sales Process

    AMS effectively reduces the time required to complete a sales process and ensures that the whole process runs smoothly.

  • Centralized Dealer Information

    Single system to manage the entire business process. With AMS, all departments can communicate efficiently and have direct and easy access to vital real-time information.

  • Increase Process Efficiency

    Eliminating wastage of time that might occur in a normal sale or service process is an important feature of AMS. Now, complete a sale faster and with increased efficiency, resulting in higher sales and productivity.

  • Activity Monitoring

    Allow management to monitor real-time status of the sales process and the current status of their team members.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

    AMS is built with the vision to revamp customer experience. By increasing efficiency, reducing customer wait time, and eliminating any confusion or mix-ups, customer satisfaction is a guarantee.

  • Mobility

    AMS provides complete portability of the business process through smart devices.

  • Eliminate Paper Work

    AMS is an automated business process tool that completely digitizes all forms used in the business process.


  •  Automated queuing system
  •  View online / offline and engaged staff
  •  Send real time engage request to sales staff
  •  Order coffee
  •  Real time push notifications & alerts
  •  Automated sales enquiry flow
  •  Test drive - track and monitor test drive
  •  Loan vehicle
  •  Trade-In - Send for evaluation to evaluator
  •  Follow-up & Reminders
  •  Driving License Scanning - Auto fill customer information
  •  Vehicle Delivery Process
  •  Call and message tracker
  •  Measure campaigns
  •  Monitor staff activities real time
  •  View customers details and previous history
  •  Enquiries reports
  •  Sales reports
  •  Sales performance reports
  •  Analysis reports
  •  User statistics reports
  •  Test drive reports
  •  Employee performance reports

AMS Fleet Plus

Make your Loan Car services Proficient
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AMS Fleet Plus brings the complete solution of the smart management of your Loan Car Services process. It contains the most advanced methods of Car Tracking, Jobs allocation and precise Address mapping to make the workflow efficient and accurate. With the collaboration of Admin, Managers and Drivers, the Jobs Placement, Loan Vehicles management and Job completion processes are efficiently managed through this application.


  •  Users, Jobs, Customers management through Admin
  •  Jobs creation at run-time availability of Dates, Time Spots, Drivers
  •  Push Notifications and alerts
  •  Loan Cars allocation and management
  •  Customers address validation
  •  Live Tracking of In-progress appointments
  •  Prompt update of appointment statuses
  •  Pre-defined checklist at Customer’s site
  •  Scheduling through Calendar
  •  Search filters
  •  Jobs history


Customer Care taking one step forward
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AMS BDC is the most advanced as well as the most comprehensive Customer Care solution to take the Business Development process up to Top Level. Integrated with AMS Lite, AMS BDC provides the detailed Dashboard, updated Status of Prospects and AMS Customers, Appointment allocations, Enquiry Updates and automated Follow-ups are the key features of this ultimate application.


  •  Create / Update Prospects
  •  Schedule Appointments
  •  Push Prospects and Appointments to AMS (Front Desk / Sales Executive)
  •  View / Update Prospects Appointment Status
  •  View Customer Sales Journey
  •  Follow-Up for Delivery and Lost Leads
  •  Manage Orphan Customers
  •  View the Counters of all available Statuses for “Today Activities” of Prospects
  •  View/Filter the Overall Counters of all Prospects having different statuses
  •  Hourly Status update of “NO Show” appointments

Vehicle Service Recommendation

Automate your service process today
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VSR is a vehicle service management tool that automates the service process and provides a single platform for service advisors, workshop manager, parts interpreter and technicians to collaborate and manage all vehicle service requests. Using the most modern technologies available, VSR aims to redefine your current process into one that suits a 21st century workshop. VSR is secure, reliable, and accessible from iPad and web.

With VSR, you have:

  • Vehicle Service Process Automation

    VSR is an application that automates the entire service process while subsequently increasing productivity, reducing time wastage, eliminating human error, and increasing customer satisfaction. It also ensures smooth communication between technician, advisors, and customers.

  • Quality Assurance Tracking

    In a world of competition, quality is everything. With the predefined forms and checklists in VSR, ensure that your technician is thorough and the quality of the service is top-notch. Additional features like Vehicle Information and Damage Identification ensures that you deliver the serviced car in the same, if not better, condition that the customer gave it to you.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

    What better way to ensure customers satisfaction than by reducing service time, increasing quality of work, and improving process efficiency. VSR also contains additional features like service history tracking and defect identification just to ensure that your customers leave completely satisfied with your service.

  • Increase Process Efficiency

    Eliminating wastage of time that might occur in a normal service process is an important feature of VSR. Now, complete a service faster and with increased efficiency, resulting in high performance and productivity.

  • User Friendly

    We realize that not all potential VSR users are comfortable with complicated software applications. VSR to be a very simple and user friendly application that can be used effortlessly by anyone with an understanding of the vehicle service process.

  • Eliminate Paper

    VSR completely digitizes all forms used in the vehicle service process, including quotation or approval forms that are sent between technicians, workshop manager, service advisors and customer.


  •  Automated New Job Order Process
  •  Vehicle Inspection using pre-defined checklist
  •  Fault identification with images and video
  •  Push Notification & Alerts
  •  Job order status update
  •  Global Search Filters
  •  Job Allocation
  •  Automated Quotation Process
  •  Service History
  •  Customer Approval Process
  •  Management Reports

Dealer Information System

Be the Well-known to your Customers
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The Digital Showroom is a smart application contains a well-organized and precise detail of your showroom’s key features and always keep your customers updated about the vehicles, events and promotions that are currently available. DIS is available for iPhone, iPad and android smart phones.


  •  Management and Staff contact details
  •  Vehicle Range with all variations
  •  Vehicle Model Details:
    1. Available options
    2. Available colors
    3. Pricing details
    4. Gallery
    5. Brochures
    6. Available packages
    7. Service packages
    8. Related models
    9. Vehicle configurator
    10. Email vehicle brochures and details
    11. Book test drive
    12. Submit enquiry
  •  Contact Details for Assistance
  •  Updated News
  •  Contact Details for Enquiry
    1. Showroom
    2. Parts
    3. Service Centre
  •  User Login
    1. Events
    2. Service
    3. Invitation
  •  Settings for customization
    1. Language selection
    2. Notifications On/Off

Trade-In Plus

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Trade-In Plus is an ultimate application for the automotive dealerships, which streamlines the vehicle appraisal process with providing a real-time collaboration across the dealership, wholesalers and customers. It simplifies and digitized the appraisal life cycle for your dealership while providing effective, accurate, rapid and clear return on investment.


  •  Centralized Platform
  •  Mobility
  •  Paperless
  •  Real-time collaboration among all key stakeholders
  •  License Scanning
  •  Barcode reader
  •  Car history report
  •  Registration check
  •  Capture vehicle information
  •  Option to add extra vehicle fields
  •  Interior & Exterior inspection images
  •  Intelligent price calculator
  •  Option to compare make/ model/ year and colour
  •  Self-Evaluation
  •  An automated Email & SMS to wholesalers
  •  Real time process wholesaler offers
  •  Manager approval
  •  Customer notification
  •  Statistics & reports
  •  Integrated customized solution